Blockchange: Automating Execution in Crypto

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2019 / The world of digital assets has been the wild west for the last decade, the wildest years of which have just passed us in 2017 and 2018. The world watched at first in disbelief as the entire market experienced a meteoric rise to incredible price levels, and then again in horror as prices tumbled for one straight year during 2018’s so-called “crypto winter.” Those that were new to the game lost their shirts, while veterans and professionals logged enormous gains. About $700 billion was made and lost. Separating the winners from the losers wasn’t simply a knowledge and experience gap, it was also a gap in tools.

Hedge funds, professional traders, day traders, swing traders, chart gurus, the list goes on… These organizations and individuals are head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in terms of developing a portfolio strategy and even more so in terms of their sophistication and speed of executing that strategy. Events in the cryptosphere are measured in the milliseconds, so of course the winners are not executing anything manually, they are creating programs to do it for them. The trouble is, your average investor is neither sophisticated enough, nor has sufficient time to develop these types of programs on their own. This reults in two classes of investors: those with automated execution who buy low and sell high, and those who manually execute who collect the leftovers, usually buying mid-high and selling mid-low or worse.

Blockchange Digital Assets is a software company based in Silicon Valley that gives retail investors the power and speed of sophisticated software in a very intuitive and user friendly package. The burden of manual execution for sub-par returns can cause investors to avoid taking any action at all. According to Blockchange CEO, Dan Eyre, “It’s pretty common for investors to get an idea of how they want to rebalance their portfolio in situations where they’re not at their computer or don’t have access to a desktop trading application… most of the time people just forget about it and miss those opportunities.”

Blockchange CTO, Daniel Rothrock, shares, “This is a pretty complex space with a lot of activity in short periods of time, which is why we focus on making the user experience as simple as possible. We want our customers to save time and money, it’s as simple as that.”

While the digital assets industry is still maturing, there are a handful of companies focused on improving the user experience and equipping investors with the tools necessary to compete. If the past is any indication of where this market is heading, preparation can be 90% of the battle but without quality execution as the last 10%, investors are likely to miss some big opportunities.


SOURCE: SV Advisory Group

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