Centaurus Diamonds Lands American Discovery Near Southwest Caldera

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2019 / Centaurus is negotiating a purchase of a Diamond rich reclamation and virgin mine previously earmarked in a historic report by Santa Fe Railroad, who abandoned the project when track easements to reestablish a spur abandoned after WWII ended the effort.

“Seed diamonds enhanced by our technology are part and parcel to reclamation, an important reprocessing contribution to America First rare earth minerals for National Security, as well as precious metals and gemstones,” says Charles Radovitch, President of Centaurus Diamonds Technologies, Inc. The process enhances seed diamonds with a proprietary carbon compression nano layering to create new diamonds based on seed diamonds, creating a Made in the USA product. “The Centaurus supply chain is greatly shortened and thus renders a perfect quality product which may be valued the same as a natural stone, but is retailed at 40% less”.

The diamond industry itself has come under fire as the use of inappropriate human capital to mine diamonds, especially in Africa, has been exposed in the media. “Centaurus time to market is relatively short and is not a human capital product,” says Radovitch, adding, “timing is everything and our product fulfills a market need and benefits mankind, terminating calamitous mining practices in parts of the world where such activity is normal, all the better!”

Centaurus co-venture partner to the effort is Apache Mill Tailings USA, Inc. a reclamation tailings technology company to separate diamonds, precious metals, and especially, rare earth minerals. In 2018, The Department of the Interior announced 35 critical minerals to national security and some of those are evident in these tailings and other sites held by the company. Apache spokesperson Denise Mraz states ” Mining these ‘not yet processed minerals’ in tailings is vital to national security; space commerce, super computing, coatings, and magnetics, industries not even invented when the tailings were originally mined”.

The Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals dated December 20, 2017 is vital to the economy, the energy sector, DOD, and decreases vulnerability on imports. “The Centaurus project compliments the National Security focus of Apache Reclamation technologies,” states Mraz elated by the ‘Made In USA’ products for affordable living aspect of Centaurus.” When technology in mining and production makes America First, America wins.”

About Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Centaurus has been established to fully commercialize its proprietary, cost-efficient and high-volume diamond production method to provide industrial quality diamonds. The Company’s patented technology enables the production of ‘cultured’ diamonds that are chemically, atomically and structurally identical to natural diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America has tested the Company’s ‘cultured’ diamonds and has confirmed they are diamonds according to their testing protocols.

For more information please contact Chas Radovich at 714-323-1110 or via email at admin@centaurustechnologiesinc.com.

For more information please contact Denise Mraz at 775.312.2200 or via email at Apache Media Relations info@ApacheTailings.com.

For more information please contact Mike King, Princeton Research, Inc, at 702-650-3000.

SOURCE: Centaurus Diamonds

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