DECOIN Cryptocurrency Exchange Set for Public Launch Today

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2019 / DTEP Security OÜ is delighted to announce that the full public launch of the DECOIN trading & exchange platform will take place on April 30, 2019. The DECOIN platform and wallet are fully regulated in the European Union, having recently secured the relevant operating licenses from the Estonian authorities. The launch is a significant milestone, marking the culmination of over eighteen months spent in the development of the DECOIN exchange, wallet, and DTEP blockchain.

Features of the DECOIN Exchange

DECOIN is an easy-to-use, secure exchange for cryptocurrencies with various standout features.

Benefits to DTEP Coin Holders

From the point of launch on April 30, DECOIN will operate a revenue sharing model for its users. Up to 20 percent of quarterly transaction fee revenues will be distributed to holders of DTEP coins that are registered on the DECOIN exchange. Revenue distribution will be pro-rata in relation to the value of the DTEP holdings.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies which are developed on platforms such as Ethereum, DECOIN is driven by the DTEP coin. DTEP is an independent blockchain using proof of stake (PoS) based on the X11 hashing algorithm, which enables a 60 second block time – far faster than the current block time of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Under the proof of stake model, each DTEP wallet account acts as a node where coin holders stake their coins and receive an annual interest of 6.2 percent. DECOIN is able to guarantee the interest payment by allocating 70 million DTEP coins for this purpose.

For the first two months, DECOIN will offer 0% zero trading fees for all. In the future, DTEP coin holders will also be eligible for a discount of up to 50% on trading fees when using the DECOIN exchange, reducing the commission to 0.075% compared to 0.15% for general users.

DECOIN Crypto Index

DECOIN employs a team of experienced research analysts, who are tasked with scouring the cryptocurrency markets to find the most promising blockchain projects. From these, eight projects will be hand-picked to participate in the DECOIN Cryptocurrency Index Fund.

Participating companies will be required to swap their own coins for DTEP, ensuring that they are mutually invested in the success of the index fund and DECOIN as a whole. This will also ensure the long-term value of the DTEP coin, providing further opportunities for attractive returns to DTEP coin holders.

Social Trading

Expert traders who are willing to share their trading strategies on an anonymous basis will be rewarded in DECOINs. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes DECOIN an attractive platform for the most active and experienced traders, helping to ensure ongoing liquidity for the exchange.

Furthermore, for newer or less experienced traders, it makes DECOIN the ideal platform to learn and develop their trading game based on the experience of leading traders.

High Security with Zero Downtime

DECOIN takes security seriously. To ensure that funds are out of reach from hackers, 97 percent of funds invested on the DECOIN exchange are kept offline in cold storage wallets. The remaining three percent, used for exchange operations, are stored online in hot wallets but fully insured to protect against any loss.

All trades and withdrawals require multi-factor authentication. Personal data is protected by industry standards, and as an entity licensed in the European Union, DECOIN operates under EU data protection laws.

DECOIN is hosted on AWS, using multi-regional hosting to prevent the risk of any exchange downtime. The DECOIN trading platform is capable of executing up to one million order matches per second, making it one of the fastest exchanges on the market today.

24/7 Multi-Lingual Customer Service

Users of DECOIN have access to live customer support services in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Whereas most exchanges offer standard chat and email support, DECOIN users can also pick up the phone and talk to an experienced professional – any time they need.


Shay Perry, CEO


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