Snupit Reaches an Impressive New Milestone of 2,000 New Professionals Enrolled Each Month

Snupit is a High Performance Site for Affordable and Quality Leads Generation

PIETERMARITZBURG, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2019 / A name that has come up in many conversations recently for quality lead generation companies is Snupit. Snupit is just over 5 years old and has built a solid reputation for providing business professionals with affordable and reliable customer leads in the home renovations, events, lessons, automotive and business services categories. It’s a free service for customers and home owners to find professionals who are interested and qualified to work on their projects.

Recently, the company reached an impressive milestone: 2,000 new professionals are enrolling with the company every month.

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While there are many other lead generation projects, Snupit is different as entire projects can be managed online. From submitting the exact project details, to getting multiple quotes to hiring the best pro, all can be done within the Snupit app. Customers can view photos of past projects undertaken by the pros, see the history of their experience, and read reviews of customers who have used the pro previously.

Sales are the lifeline of every business, but company owners can’t get sales without leads. For those who are just getting started in business or expanding their sales, new customers are critical to their business growth. New companies need sales leads now – they can’t afford to wait.

Avinash Samlall, CEO of Snupit says that “Pros can consider other forms of leads by building a website and remarketing with email lists and social media sites, but all of these approaches take between 6 to 12 months to get your name out there. With lead generation apps, you are getting high-performance, quality and affordable leads to new customers. Sites like Snupit are there to help you win more business and grow your business quickly.”

In addition, Samlall has shared some best tips and secrets to winning jobs on Snupit.

1) Focus on the profile

“Make your profile on Snupit personal and unique to your business. Describe your business in your own words and state why your business is the best for the task at hand. Take time to upload the best photos of past projects – it’s nice to use before and after the project photos,” he said.

2) Use every customer contact as an opportunity

“Send a message to the customer expressing your enthusiasm and excitement to work with them. Do everything you can to set up a phone call,” Samlall said. “Once you have the customer on the phone, find out what the customer really wants and sell your business to the customer. Everyday scan through your quotes sent, and send a message to the customer for their availability and with more information on your services.”

3) Follow-up with the customer is everything

“With every quote that is sent, follow-up with the customer. If you’re not following up, you might be missing out on an opportunity. Follow up at least three times after making your initial contact with the customer. The first with the introduction of your services, a day after the quote was sent, three days later and then a week after your initial contact,” Samlall said.

From getting a job notification to closing the deal, Snupit makes everything simpler. Snupit helps business owners in every way and is a definite must to boost business.

About Snupit:

Founded in 2012, Snupit makes it easier for millions of customers to use technology to find and hire trusted small businesses across the country. Snupit is one of the largest local services companies in South Africa, offering over 600 categories ranging from handymen, to wedding caterers to maths tutors. The service was created by Snupit’s founder after he couldn’t find a particular service online after searching for several days. Today, Snupit has 2 million monthly users and has 350,000 local professionals and businesses listed. For more information, visit

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Address: 2 Sanders Road
Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg
South Africa

Contact: Mithundra Sivenandan
Phone: 010 541 0200

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