Celebrity Fitness Trainer Stephen Campolo To Launch New Platform At Disrupt Week Puerto Rico

Stephen Campolo, who rose to fame becoming a celebrity influencer on social media website Instagram, to launch his digital platform to encourage people follow a healthy lifestyle by providing personalized physical education during Disrupt Week 2019 in Puerto Rico.

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2019 / In a digital era where everyone sits in front of a screen and works from there, sufficient and regular physical exercise is a necessity to stay healthy and have a better lifestyle. However it’s often hard for people, especially the millenials to be motivated enough to get it started. Celebrity fitness model Stephen Campolo, with his new platform aims to leverage on the power of social media to create a thriving community by providing proper guidance and motivation. Stephen’s new platform will be launched during the two days Disrupt Week 2019 conference in Puerto Rico.

While many are often afraid of taking the first step towards a new career or business, Campolo gained popularity on instagram, leaving his corporate job and taking efforts to help others motivated in having a healthier lifestyle. In less than a year, Stephen created a six-figure business for himself, doing what he is really passionate about becoming a celebrity health coach and online exercise influencer on social media platform Instagram.

“Proper and regular physical exercise can fight chronic diseases, help you sleep better, make you feel happy and prolong your life expectancy. There is an exercise for every part of your body. The more you make your organs work, the more benefits you get from them. Your body needs to be active and burn calories and improve the function of the organs. Exercise does that for you. But people often don’t keep up with their routines. I’ve seen so many people starting so enthusiastically but give up so fast. I want to change this. I want to provide them a platform that gives them the motivation for them to keep at it.” explains Mr. Campolo.

The platform will have all the necessary information about food habits, exercise and training. “I would share information on topics like “What not to do”, “what to eat” and “how to exercise”. I don’t want the beginners to have a lot of confusion. My primary focus is to provide them with a community of like minded individuals so everyone will benefit from it.” Says Stephen. What started as a way to improve his own health, soon became a way of life for Campolo. The platform is a result of his followers’ request, who began asking for programs and training, following his initial publications on social platforms. Along with his current extensive list of training programs, Stephen Campolo has also been providing individual coaching for a number of high-profile CEOs and celebrities.

About Disrupt Week 2019

Disrupt week is the biggest technology and entrepreneur conference in Puerto Rico. Every year it’s attended by hundreds of leading influencers and investors within the tech, entrepreneur, and startup ecosystem from around the world. 2019’s Disrupt Week will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the historic El Convento Hotel. Technology enthusiasts from across the globe will be gathering on the island of Puerto Rico for the two days event filled with inspiring keynotes, engaging discussions, legendary networking events and diverse programming focused on the future of the multi-trillion dollar industry.

Stephen Campolo is a guest speaker at Disrupt Week, the biggest tech event in Puerto Rico; and he will be speaking about entrepreneurship during the event. More details can be found at: https://www.disruptweek.com

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