Dallas Company Advises Residents To Get A Windshield Replacement Before Winter Arrives

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2019 / Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass, based in Dallas, Texas, recently reached out to the community, advising them to get a windshield replacement before the winter cold settles in. The company has been serving the Dallas area for almost 20 years, earning a reputation for their commitment towards helping the community. In their comments, they outline the importance of getting a windshield replacement before the arrival of the colder months of the year. Learn more here: Windshield Replacement Dallas.

Thomas, a spokesperson of Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass, states, “Asides from the obvious risk of postponing your windshield replacement, there are other factors that make getting a replacement during this time of the year more important. Several challenges arrive along with the winter season, and they are potential issues that you should consider seriously before putting off your replacement.”

The company says that, while many people are ignorant of this fact, getting a windshield replacement during winter is significantly more complicated than in other seasons. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, it may not even be possible. The first few factors that they should be aware of are excessive precipitation and prohibitively cold temperatures, but several more will likely come into play during the cold months.

One of these challenges, as noted by the windshield specialists, involves the ambient moisture present during winter. The foremost priority, when getting a windshield replacement, is to remove the moisture from the entirety of the car’s surface as well as the new windshield. Doing so ensures that the resin used to glue the windshield to its socket is applied correctly, without any water bubbles in between. Failing to do this during the windshield’s installation could result in the piece not being glued correctly, leading to vibrations that could make it shatter over time. In extreme cases, it could even fall out of its socket.

Additionally, this resin has to stay warm during the installation process to fulfill its purpose correctly. These challenges also extend to the windshield, which needs to be warm before the resin is applied to it. Typically, the windshield will be warmed using the vehicle’s heater, though it is more complicated than it seems, as the temperature must be stable and it cannot be too hot or too cold. Doing this with the cold winter winds striking the windshield may not be possible, and it may even be a risk to the part’s integrity.

The company notes that, even if it is possible to replace the windshield in such challenging conditions, the process will still take a significantly longer time. This is because the resin itself will take longer to cure, an obstacle that the installation team can do nothing about.

As they are aware of all the challenges that crop up when replacing a windshield during the winter months, Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass encourages the community to take care of their vehicle’s windshield sooner rather than later-especially since winter is nearly here. However, should it be necessary, they reassure their customers that they can carry out such projects even during the cold winter, thanks to their extensive experience in the field.

Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass provides a broad selection of services in Dallas, including Windshield Replacements, Power Window Repairs, and Specialized Glass Repairs. The company provides free consultations for all of these services, allowing their customers to build a budget in advance.

The number of positive comments that Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass has received is proof of their excellence. They possess an outstanding review rating of 4.7/5 Stars on the Google review platform, where they have received over 200 positive comments. Through this platform, customer Chassidy states, “I visited this place today on short notice and was in and out as if I had an appointment scheduled. I received a quote over the phone for a window motor. Once I arrived, the price was still the same-a plus in my book. After my window was inspected, it appeared to be something minor. I love how this place conducts business and is very honest every step of the way. I plan to refer anyone I come across that needs repair services! You just gained a returning customer.”

The company’s website includes more information on their services, including further contact information. Interested parties may also contact Thomas of Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass to make further inquiries. Additionally, they may read further here: Windshield Replacement Dallas.

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