German Startup Audiencly Makes Influencer Campaigns More Effective With Smart Solutions

Audiencly, the popular influencer marketing platform from Germany that manages thousands of influencers, brings one of the biggest and most advanced networks in the influencers industry.

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2019 / With the global worth of influencer marketing industry reaching billions of dollars, German startup Audiencly introduces an all-around agency that combines effective management and brilliant reach to influencers across the world, allowing global marketing agencies to drive any sort of traffic and audiences for efficient branding and better customer acquisition. Established with the mission is to build a next level web interface to help brands get excellent exposure and awareness through social media, Audiencly’s primary focus is on creating marketing campaigns for games, app publishers, website platforms, and other popular and established brands and products as well as new StartUps.

Audiencly is set to level the industry with successful influencer marketing campaigns with smart strategies which big brands have been reluctant to share, allowing even startups and small businesses to make good use of the new and rising influencers branding strategy. With a vision to get brands worldwide recognition, regardless of their size, the company brings smart digital marketing solutions that’s built specifically for exponential growth in audience and reach. Influencer marketing can offer global brands an excellent advantage over their competitors, because people prefer to hear about brands from a trusted person than reading about them in a newsletter or from a television or internet advertisement, making Audiencly an effective business agency.

About Audiencly

Founded in 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Audiencly is aiming to provide a supporting platform for the social media influencers by replacing the existing business model with a system that works better for both brands and social media influencers alike. The boom in influencer marketing only led to increased marketing and advertising expenses due to agencies that act as intermediaries taking a big percentage in commissions. Where Audiencly was built on an aim to bring a solution. “A penny saved is a penny earned. I strongly believe in this saying and due to our strong relationships which we maintain for several years, we make sure our clients receive the best prices for each Influencer advertisement! We onboard only the best Influencers and have very strict conditions of admission to make sure our clients are provided with the best of the best!” says the founder and CEO Adrian Kotowski in his recent interview on StartupFortune.

The company manages 2000+ influencers worldwide and has one of the biggest effective networks in the Influencer industry. More details about the Audiencly can be found at:

Contact Information:
Name: Adrian Kotowski
Company: Audiencly
Address: 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany

SOURCE: Audiencly

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