iCashRewards Launching Red Packet Function Powered by BiYong

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2019 / iBank Digital Asset L.P. (“iBank Digital”, “iBankEx” or the “Company”) and iCashRewards (“iCash”) is pleased to announce that it is launching Red Packet functionality on the BiYong Social Network. BiYong offers features to seamlessly interact with Telegram and also has an exclusive red packet function that is widely used in WeChat, a multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent “HKG: 0700”. BiYong will benefit when the Libra Foundation “NASDAQ: FB” and Walmart “NYSE: WMT” launch their token as widescale adoption of cryptocurrencies is expected to follow.

According to Kevin Yu, CEO of BiYong, “As the global financial markets are quickly evolving, Bitcoin and blockchain technology advances at similar rates. Traditional practices have become ingrained into societal functions and have become large aspects of our lives. Red Packets have been the traditional way of sharing the wealth and promoting prosperity between people. In China, apps like WeChat that exchanges millions of dollars in Red Packet transactions daily.”

BiYong, with nearly 3 million monthly active mobile users, facilitates communication with millions of crypto investors, discovery of the newest blockchain projects, and exploration of the latest crypto news, all in one platform. The gamification element of BiYong allows users to have quick access and real-time interaction with millions of real blockchain enthusiast online.

“We have blockchain enthusiasts building on top of our social network. There will be more valuable interfaces and access capabilities in the future. We are welcoming iCashRewards to launch on our social media platform and explore the Asian market in North America together!” said Kevin Yu, CEO of BiYong.

About iCashRewards – A Trusted Partner in Blockchain Loyalty

The iCashRewards Loyalty Program (“iCash” or “iCashRewards”) is supported by a powerful infrastructure for tokenization development and traditional loyalty rewards. It promotes the application and evolution of blockchain loyalty to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and global tokenized industry. www.icashrewards.io

About iBankEx – A Trusted Partner in Loyalty Exchange, A Global Rewards Network

iBankEx, is a leading loyalty exchange and rewards platform for projects and connecting with investors and users supported by Huobi Cloud Technology. iBankEx has established an efficient fiat-crypto trading platform. www.ibankex.io

About BiYong – A Social Network Connects People To The Blockchain World

On BiYong, you will find millions blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors, discover the hottest blockchain projects, and explore the latest blockchain news – all in one place! BiYong aims to link all parties in the blockchain world together, provides solutions to both users and project owners, and ultimately becoming a super app that serves all needs of people in blockchain. https://www.biyong.sg

Risk Warning: Digital assets are a higher-risk investment method. Investors should be cautious in purchasing and pay attention to investment risks.

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SOURCE: iBank Digital Asset L.P.

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