Bitsdaq Joins Bittrex‘s Token Referral Program (TRP)

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2019 / Bitsdaq Exchange, the Asian partner of Bittrex recently joined the Bittrex Global Community Token Referral Program (TRP) as Bittrex’s official listing referral partner, helping to bring in quality projects for both platforms and accelerate the listing process. Currently, there are only three exchanges worldwide that have been selected as Bittrex’s official listing referral partners.

As one of the world’s most respected exchanges, Bittrex continues to gain momentum, receiving more than 2,500 applications from around the world annually. In order to facilitate the screening of high-quality projects, Bittrex recently launched the Token Referral Program with the aim to speed up selection through better collaboration with platforms such as Bitsdaq.

Ricky Ng, founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, said that becoming Bittrex’s official listing referral partner would allow Bitsdaq to screen high-quality projects more efficiently, speeding up the listing process and development of blue chips in the token ecosystem which will enable them to provide users with choices of high-quality digital asset and promote the industry’s healthy growth:

He says, “It’s our pleasure to work with Bittrex Global to grow the Asia market and bring innovative projects from Asia to the global audience. We are delighted to be the official listing referral partner. Since our launch, Bitsdaq has become one of the most-watched new exchanges through its own efforts, offering brand consulting, media PR, community management, roadshows, investment banking, and other services in addition to recommending high-quality projects for Bittrex. We aim to utilize market-tested growth strategies to assist high-quality blockchain projects in acquiring users and be more influential and connected to industry resources and partners.”

Bitsdaq Listing Application:

Ricky also said that the project could list on Bitsdaq first and seek listing on Bittrex after a period of incubation and growth. This method has four unique advantages, including:

1) Shared market depth with Bittrex to create the best liquidity;

2) Quicker review of the project and increased efficiency of the listing process. High-quality projects can also get on Bitsdaq’s Preferred-Project IEO Platform

3) A secure system, continual optimization of KYC and AML processes to provide a compliant and convenient trading environment;

4) Stand out in the market by relying on Bitsdaq’s powerful industry resources;

At the same time, Bitsdaq is undergoing a brand upgrade and is about to launch its mega carnival. Bitsdaq has experienced rapid growth after the official launch and has created an excellent reputation in the industry. This brand upgrade will tap new markets, accelerate collaboration with partners, cultivate high-quality projects and support projects with high potential to protect the interests of users. Bitsdaq will continue to believe in “Value Investment” while being responsible to investors and continuing to grow the Bitsdaq ecosystem.

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About Bitsdaq

Bitsdaq is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform operating in Asia and built on Bittrex’s trading technology. The company provides opportunities and solutions for customers who want access to a broader selection of digital assets on a secure and reliable platform.

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