TPC-KY’s CEO Larry O’Bryan is the Deserving Recipient of the Silent Warrior Award from GE Appliances

LOUISVILLE, KY / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2019 / Lawrence J. O’Bryan was born in 1959 and raised on a farm in Kentucky by his parents. Both mother and father did not receive a significant amount of education in their youth. They are mainly self-taught individuals. Nonetheless, they made a commitment to make Larry’s life different from their own.

To his parents, education for Lawrence J. O’Bryan was essential.

In 1980, Larry O’Bryan’s parents worked hard, flipping houses. Their goal was to save up enough money so Larry could attend school and receive a proper education.

Thanks to his parents, Lawrence J. O’Bryan went to a prep school that ranked among the top 20 in the nation. After his time at St. Xavier High School, he went on to earn a degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University.

Today, Larry O’Bryan is the owner and CEO of TPC-KY, Inc., a label manufacturer in Louisville, Kentucky.

TPC-KY is the primary label supplier to GE Appliances in North America. The company is also a key partner to Black & Decker, Thornton’s, and other accounts.

Lawrence J. O’Bryan is also the founder of Pro-Active Media. That led him to a successful career as a political media consultant in Louisville, Ky.

O’Bryan attributes much of his success to his parent’s commitment to his education. And recently, Larry’s (and his parents’) many years of hard work have paid off.

Lawrence J. O’Bryan earned recognition at the GE Appliances President’s Council Summit.

The President’s Council Summit is a forum for company leaders. Owners share business objectives and recognize its top-performing suppliers with an award presentation.

This year, Lawrence J. O’Bryan became the recipient of the “Silent Warrior” award. An award that recognizes “outstanding national suppliers. Those who are the best in their field and seamlessly execute on a daily basis.”

Melanie Cook, COO of GE Appliances, described the President’s Council, fittingly. She stated it was “an important venue. (This is where) We align, collaborate, and strengthen partnerships with our suppliers. Partnerships matter. We do better together.”

Lawrence J. O’Bryan graciously accepted the award granted by the President’s Council.

The “Silent Warrior” award acknowledges and honors his excellence in “Outstanding Support.” As a recipient, it exhibits Larry O’Bryan’s dedication to his clients.

With the TPC-KY, Inc. slogan as, “Earning Customer Trust Through Service & Quality,” it goes to show that Larry O’Bryan’s win of this award is well-deserved.

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