Anthony Crouchelli Provides an Environment Where You Can Become Fit, Open, and Connected

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2020 / Choosing fitness is a powerful decision that transforms people’s lives. However, it can be difficult for many to experience positive change when they are intimidated by a strict focus on numbers, weights, and reps. Anthony Crouchelli instead believes that working out should be a natural part of a fit lifestyle and should help people become open and relaxed. Having previously worked at top fitness studios such as Rumble, Barrys Bootcamp, and Equinox, Anthony launched his fitness empire: Anthony Crouchelli Fitness.

Anthony and his team created a brand unique and high class fitness training concept. Chan Gannaway, a known fitness veteran is GRIT BXNG’s curriculum builder and lead workout designer. Along with him, Anthony created the three modalities of GRIT BXNG. All three modalities are worked together by the group in an elite space with a $1,000,000 worth of lighting and music and visual screen technologies.

His emphasis on openness appeals to a wide range of clients. Many of the people who attend his classes are from the performing arts industry. A lot of them even currently appear on Broadway, television, and in films. He has partnered up with top theatre programs throughout the country such as Carnegie Mellon, CCM, and NYU. This has allowed him to provide fitness training for students who are preparing for upcoming productions as well as Senior Showcase. Artists thrive on openness for their creativity. Businessmen and women also greatly benefit from the training offered by Anthony. Improved fitness helps them with the long workdays of corporate life.

People who live outside New York City can avail of Anthony’s online training packages. This service helps clients from around the globe to choose fitness and change their lives. They can gain access to videos, guided workouts, and other helpful tools that are user-friendly.

Anthony was originally a medical student at Montclair University and former professional soccer player. After leaving his soccer career, Anthony became a performer. It was his desire to stay in shape while on tour that helped him create the complete 60/70 (™) workout plan. As the foundation for his fitness company, the 60/70 workout develops muscle endurance by focusing mainly on body weight and resistance. Clients describe Anthony’s classes as energetic, challenging, and fun.

A crucial part of being open is the openness to belong to a community. This unique focus on forming connections characterizes the programs offered by Anthony Crouchelli Fitness. Being the CEO and an instructor of his business, Anthony’s ability to connect with people and to help them feel that they belong in a group fitness setting gives him a competitive edge. At the start of his classes, he learns everyone’s names so he can provide constant encouragement. Anthony later groups the class into teams as they perform circuit exercises to further promote a sense of belonging. He even encourages his clients to exchange Instagram handles so they can stay connected. However, it’s not easy to be a part of his classes. People line up for that one of a kind experience. Anthony currently has a 98% waitlist as well as hit up to 41 people on a waitlist and over 30 waitlists put regularly.

Anthony has become a household name in the fitness industry. For 23 years, he has been a coach, an educator, and a curriculum and program developer. Anthony is this year’s Juice Generation athlete. He is the current Master/Founding Trainer at GRIT BOXING, as well as Performix House NYC, and Team EXOS at Google. He has 10+ years of boxing training/experience. Anthony is a NCSF Certified trainer with a background in fat loss, body weight, strength, circuit, VIPR, TRX, and Sports-Specific Training. His other certifications within the fitness industry include FMS, Pre, and Post-Natal Training, KB1, Schwinn Cycle Certification, and Total Bodyweight.

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