iOS 12 wishlist, MacBook Air, Apple headphones, the end of iTunes LP: Macworld Podcast ep. 595 By IDG.TV What would wed like to see in iOS 12? Will there be a cheaper MacBook Air? Will Apple release new headphones? Is iTunes LP on its way out? Well cover these topics and well as your comments and questions. ...Read More »
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Testing Google Assistant on the Nest Cam IQ By IDG.TV Google has added its Assistant to the Nest Cam IQ indoor home security camera. We tested it out. ...Read More »
Streaming Xbox and PC games to a Mac | Apple Arcade Ep. 1 By IDG.TV We stream Xbox One and PC games like PUBG, The Witcher III, Cuphead, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance to a 2017 MacBook Pro using the Xbox One with OneCast as well as the beta of GeForce Now. We test both platforms on both Wi-Fi and our crazy-fast ethernet connection to demonstrate what a difference bandwidth can make. ...Read More »
Ion Maiden let's play By IDG.TV Ion Maiden is an excellent late '90s shooter with a modern twist. ...Read More »
Scammers spoof Office 365, DocuSign and others | Salted Hash Ep 21 By IDG.TV As phishing attacks evolve, hackers are using customization and targeted scams to ensnare users. Asaf Cidon, vice president, email security services at Barracuda, talks with host Steve Ragan about the ever-changing cat-and-mouse game of phishing. ...Read More »
Into The Breach let's play By IDG.TV Into the Breach is like mechs meet bug aliens meet battle chess. ...Read More »
Biloxi proclamation By Clip Syndicate Today, Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich met with a Cuban official at Biloxi City Hall to discuss a variety of potential partnerships in Biloxi and the Mississippi Coast. Miguel Fraga was welcomed with open arms at Biloxi City Hall as he received a proclamation from Mayor Gilich. Fraga is the first secretary of the embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Washington, D.C. He hopes for improved relations between his country and the United States. “We’re trying to find opportunities for both countries. We believe the relations spent on good will between Cuba and the United States is the path we need to follow,” said Fraga. Mayor Gilich says both countries can benefit in a variety of ways from the partnership including future trade. “From tourism to commerce, all of these things became on the radar, and Miguel’s first visit down here is going to see every aspect of life and business opportunities here in Biloxi.” Both countries can benefit from medical exchanges. Fraga noted Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine that’s currently in New York. “Cuba has, right now, doctors in more than 60 countries. We have a good biotech industry. So, we need to find a way to do it, but there is a lot of potential for relation.” The topic of baseball came up in today’s proclamation. Hopefully, some things are in the works for the year of 2019. “Baseball is a passion for both countries. So, I’m sure that we can enjoy a wonderful tournament between Biloxi and Cuba,” said Fraga. Mayor Gilich said, “Baseball is huge. We are really excited about baseball as well as tourism and those kinds of things.” According to Fraga, Cuba received one million visitors from the United States last year. He believes this partnership will attract even more tourists to his country. “A lot of people here in the United States want to visit Cuba for many reasons, to see the old cars, to see the history there.” Fraga says the history between the Biloxi and Cuba brings them together since the founder of Biloxi is actually buried in Havana. ...Read More »
Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs OnePlus 5T camera test | Last Cam Standing By IDG.TV Huawei's Mate 10 Pro won the previous Last Cam Standing against the iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, and Xperia XZ1. Now here comes OnePlus with it's 5T to challenge the Mate 10 Pro for the title of best phone camera! ...Read More »
What is geofencing? Putting location to work By IDG.TV Geofencing is a service that triggers an action when a device enters a set location. From coupons and notifications, to engagement features and security alerts businesses are finding creative ways to use these virtual boundaries. ...Read More »

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