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How the iPhone X Is Changing the Mobile World

By Kevin Gardner

It feels like just yesterday when the original iPhone was released in the summer of 2007, but a lot sure has changed since, thanks for Apple and other innovative industry leaders. The iPhone wasn't just another new phone to tech-savvy users -- it a a gamer changer. The technology and features introduced by the iPhone were unmatched at the time. We can thank today's mobile technology due to the innovative releases by Apple.

Notice something different between the latest iPhone and older versions? The new editions of the Apple iPhone have thrown away the home button and outdated phone design techniques. Customers and Apple fans shouldn't mind the change, but it might be a surprise for some.

The home button being removed is hard to get used to. Some will miss physically clicking it, but Apple chose more screen space over the button; hopefully with good reason.

Metal 2 & Core ML Hardware
Gamers and media lovers can thank Metal 2 along with the A11 Bionic chips that come packed with the iPhone X. Entertainment apps, gaming apps, and all sorts of programs for your mobile device will reach benchmarks never seen before on a mobile device of this caliber.

New API functions allow developers to take advantage of the all new image blocks, title shading, threadgroup sharing, and much, much more within the SDK. The A11 GPU offers developers, whether Apple loyalists or not, a new opportunity to work with the latest technology available to the public.

New SDK for Developers
The new iPhone X features new software and hardware gadgets to play with, including the immersive ARKit, mobile protection via Face ID (facial recognition to unlock, authenticate, and pay). The iPhone X comes with all the necessary hardware resources required to produce state-of-the-art mobile applications. The SDK upgrades will surely have even the most advanced users returning to a coding bootcamp.

AR Kit
One feature of the new iPhone X is the never before seen ARKit toolset, allowing developers to toy with AR releases and customers to keep themselves entertained. ARKit is pre-loaded with the iPhone X, and will surely be implemented in future mobile devices as well. Apple's stance on the augmented reality industry has clearly threatened other competitors to follow suit.

Charging Cords
Long are the days of using standard USB cords to charge your iPhone devices. If you haven't been living under a rock lately you'll notice other manufacturers are following the lead, utilizing different technologies to charge their devices. This has caused a lot of confusion in the past few years for consumers, but hopefully this will change with a more standardized choice of cabling with the iPhone X and future releases.

Gaming & Video Streaming
Due to the hardware mentioned above, the standard of quality for gaming and video streaming has increased with the release of the iPhone X. Long gone are the days of ugly, choppy, low FPS rates, and compressed videos to save hardware resources. Both casual and hardcore gamers of all types can enjoy the latest and greatest video games and movies straight from their phone. Lag no more!

Those were just a few examples of how the iPhone X is going to change the mobile world. A quick glance at a historical timeline of iPhone releases can show how Apple has changed itself and the industry as whole.

From hardware improvements to software tune ups, the iPhone X is in its own league. 2017 seems to be the year where mobile technology is finally starting to turn a new leaf.

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